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Welcome to the WiredPages Business Directory.

Why list your business with WiredPages? WiredPages provides useful tools, links and resources for overwhelmed internet users and is the brainchild of a software consultant looking to showcase software tools in a useful environment. The news service provides the best the net has to offer and arranges the resources in a logical, easy to find manner.

Promotion is also key to the success of the news service. SEO optimization practices used by industry pros are employed to ensure WiredPages and the rest of the QiSoftware sites are easily found and traversed by the "big" search engines. Visitors return, and new users are found every day through searches and other online forums used to promote the site(s).
Use this link to submit your site. There is a $45.00 annual listing fee.

Current categories include:

"I often receive link submissions for WiredPages. This directory was setup to handle those requests..."

Finally, each submission is individually reviewed to ensure the character and usefulness of the site/business is in keeping with the overall theme of the news service.

For more information -- please use this e-mail address.

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